Yuneec q500 4k Typhoon Quadcopter review

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Are you looking for a stable drone flight to capture photos or videos from the ground and air? If yes, then I believe Yuneec q500 4k typhoon quadcopter is a perfect drone that you are looking for. I am highly passionate to grab excellent pictures and at times selfies as well.

Almost everyone who knows about this drone suggested buying a Yuneec typhoon q500 4k RTF quadcopter for capturing high pixel video and photo shoot. This quadcopter has them all. This quadcopter can shoot 12-megapixel images and 4K video, and it also has a remote with live-view and proper support of Smartphone. Additionally, it also has a stabilized camera that tracks user when it flies. So, now you can also think for ultimate selfies that get well combined with a standard quadcopter.

Features of Yuneec q500 4k Review

Let us take a look at some of the functions of the Yuneec typhoon q5004k quadcopter drone.


yuneec q500 4k specs

Ensuring incredible safety, No Fly Zone with FAA compliant feature always prevents the flight close to commercial airports. A feature of No Fly Zone helps to prevent flight from going more than 400 feet above from ground level. The GPS inbuilt in drone helps to establish a diameter of 26 ft (8 m) of Smart Circle that goes around pilot while taking off and also while landing and this creates a GeoFence to keep the aircraft from flying beyond 300 ft (91 m) from a position of pilot.

Controlling feature

The controller of the Yuneec q500 4k ready-to-fly quadcopter is certainly a plus for me, though. Rather than relying on a Smartphone or a tablet to get a live view from camera and flight information, ST10+ also has a touchscreen display of 5.5-inch that is built right in. Also, I found a lag between the screen and the camera so that I wouldn’t suggest flying the drone alone by FPV, but to set up the shots and to give telemetry data at the glance is great. This means you just need to worry about the proper charging controller, not any second device. Moreover, controller even has a button to start a video shoot and to stop it. This is amazing!

Controlling feature

The Yuneec Typhoon G enables you to have full control of the drone. The standalone remote control helps you to keep a track on the altitude and the direction of the quadcopter. It can fly up to 400 feet from the ground. The transmitter doesn’t let you go out of your control and notifies you in the case of a No Fly Zone. The in-built GPS tracker establishes a circle of a diameter of 8 ft before the final take off. The Geo-Fence mode keeps the aircraft within a distance of 300 ft from the pilot. The transmitter helps you to switch between the high and low speed with ease.

Smart mode

The Yuneec typhoon q500 4k RTF quadcopter Smart mode is built in mainly for the novice. It enables the virtual barrier known as geofence to prevent from flying above 300 feet far away from the pilot; controller will also move quadcopter in a direction with a stick of right-hand control that gets pushed to a pilot irrespective of the way where the nose is pointed. This is fine if you have never flown a drone before, and you use this to get a feel of how does quadcopter fly, but I certainly don’t suggest using it beyond that.

Special Features of Yuneec q500 4k – At a glance

  • Personalized Ground Station having touch screen
  • Gimbal Camera with perfectly Integrated precision of 3-axis
  • Videos with High definition of 4K/30fps
  • Videos with Slow motion of 1080p/120fps
  • Proper Light exposure to videos, apt while balance and controllable video resolution
  • No-Distortion Lens with 12-megapixel photos
  • Steady Grip to capture footage of video


  • It has a battery with long life
  • The screen on remote is clear and big
  • It also has features that are useful for tracking
  • It offers smart mode with various modes of flight
  • It provides incredibly high-quality images and videos
  • It provides amazing GNPS features with watching me and follows me mode


  • Controller feature is excessively complicated
  • Captured Video of makes little noise
  • The camera cannot use drone battery, so there have to be separate batteries for both.
  • The sound of shoot is more like of a spinning wheel

FAQ’S about Yuneec q500 4k Typhoon Quadcopter

  • Does the drone offer automatic takeoff?
    No there is no automatic takeoff, but the process to fly the drone is simple.
  • How can I see the live video or photo?
    Yes, but you cannot start recording or capture photos with the buttons on the transmitter.
  • What are different modes of Flying?
    There are two modes of flying such as Rabbit and Tortoise mode. In Tortoise mode agility and speed are restricted but in Rabbit, mode quadcopter gets high speed.

Final Verdict

Cheers to expedient accessories and a solid feature that allows the smooth-flying and friendly use of Yuneec q500 4k Typhoon Quadcopter that offers a perfect package to capture photos and video in the ground or sky. The captured video is clearly viewed at the small sizes. The design is rough around edges, and for people looking for autonomous features of flight such as waypoint navigation, so you this drone is not meant for you. Otherwise, it is beautiful drone which is entirely worth your money.

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