Walkera F210 Review – 3D Racing Drone

Our world is a machine-oriented world. With the flow of time, various gadgets enhance our daily life. Racing drone is one of the innovative inventions of this modern era. The WALKERA F210 3D drone is an interesting, and smart gadget that can be used both for high-speed racing and photography. It is one kind of drone or flying robot.

At present, there are many drones available in the market with several stunning features for the drone lovers and beginners. So it’s the best time to have your own drone. Here I am talking about one of the best Racing drones you could find.

WALKERA F210 Specs

walkera f210 3d reviewCarbon Fiber Body

Carbon fiber materials made the body sturdy and durable. The strong racing drone gives you an experience of high quality and safe flight for a long time.

Protective Cover Motor Design

The protective cover is for the protection of the motor and the device from breakage while crushed. The drone will allow you to get a longer service. The brushless motor is designed for safeguarding landing cushion frame for additional safety.

Upgraded OSD System

The OSD (On Screen Display) system of F210 is now much upgraded. Therefore, you will get more signs of functions such as horizontal situation, low voltage battery, wireless signal reception situation and so on.

Night Vision HD Camera

Don’t let your fun to be limited in the daytime only. The specially featured night vision HD camera of F210 3D with 700TVL horizontal resolution elongates your flying fun from day to night.

Special Features – At a Glance

  • Powerful motor design
  • Bow and streamlined design
  • Standard equidistant axis design
  • Latest F3 flight system


  • It is ready to fly.
  • This drone is a racing drone and it is very fast.
  • The body is tough made with fiber materials.
  • Controls the gravity very well which make this drone anti-drop.
  • HD night vision camera.
  • Brushless powerful motor.


  • Sometimes it doesn’t bind DEVO 7 transmitter.
  • The menu selection on the transmitter is convoluted.
  • It needs four different buttons to scroll through the menu options when you should only need two.
  • The instruction manuals are poorly translated from Chinese and it offers no troubleshooting help.

FAQ’S of WALKERA F210 3D Racing Drone

Q. How to switch out props to racing props and when to reconfigure the controls?

Walkera f210 3D is an awesome extreme speed racing machine. With the 3D propellers (blue color), you can fly the racer in standard normal flying or in a continuous inverted flying. With the (orange/black colors) 2D propellers, you can fly it in normal standard flying. Thus, whatever types of propellers you mount on to the racer, you can still able to access the racing mode. This is why the Walkera f210-3d edition is so unique and special to the racing world.

Q. Does this drone come ready to fly?

Yes, this drone comes ready to fly.

Q. Is it durable?

Yes, It is. With a new bow body design and carbon fiber material, it has the superior toughness and anti-drop ability. It will definitely give you more satisfaction.

Q. Does it come with race propellers in addition to the 3D propellers?

Yes, it comes with 3D propellers if you are purchasing the 3D model F210. If you are just buying the 2D model, it will not come with 3D propellers and you will also have to make changes to your ESC.

Final Verdict

I have written this article in order to help the beginners to select the best drone for their experience. Walkera F210 3D Edition is one of the suitable drones for the beginners as well as professionals. The consumers will be satisfied and will enjoy the experience with this drone. You need not be worried about the cons of this drone. Everything has some disadvantages along with its advantages, no doubt. But there are so many good things, that I can say about this quad, will surpass all of its negative points. Hopefully, this thing is, therefore, not going to dissatisfy you. It is very fast, agile and very durable and well built.Be the Walkera F210 3D Edition owner and use it for your need with joy.

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