Syma X8G RC Quadcopter Review

Hello, everyone, this is a Syma X8G RC Quadcopter review. Ever wondered about getting in Quadcopters are what would be an affordable entry point into this great hobby? This review is for you.

The Syma X8G 2.4G 6 Axis Gyro 4-CH Headless RC Quadcopter with an HD Camera is a very solid choice for a play quadcopter though plagued by some issues like short battery life and only a semi-decent range it provides a lot of good fun with a really strong camera and filming opportunities. This quadcopter can definitely be used to film some great videos and even take some reasonably good photos. Read on and I’ll give you the full rundown on what the Syma X8G involves and whether it is a good enough buy for you to go for it.

Features of Syma X8G Headless RC Quadcopter

Alright, let’s get into the nitty gritty!


syma x8g cameraA major selling point for this quadcopter is the camera it comes with. This camera can be toggled between 720p and 1080p resolution video (so basically 5 and 8 Megapixel video quality). The camera casing comes with built-in vibration reduction for a steadier video. Additionally, you can turn the camera on while the Syma X8G is in the air using the remote control. This is very handy for when you forgot to switch the camera on, in the ground or when you want to cut down on video editing by starting the camera in the air.

The camera uses the battery of the quadcopter and can’t be used apart from the quadcopter like a GoPro camera. The camera comes with a 4 Gigabyte SD card included so you can record quite a bit of video on it. To access the video you simply remove the camera from the casing and plug it into your computer using one of those USB cables that plug into both a computer on one end and a smartphone on the other. It only has a port for this sort of cable which is a drawback for some of the more tech-savvy users but shouldn’t bother most others.

The video quality is quite good and I could see this quadcopter being used for some interesting film projects. A final point to note is that the quadcopter feels a little unagile with the camera in its casing.

Battery life and range

The range of this quadcopter is okay at 100 meters. Another not-very-impressive feature is the battery life which lasts approximately 7 to 8 minutes. This does give a bit of space for having fun though and is quite reasonable at the price. The battery can be easily charged using a USB cable which is handy.

Flying the Quadcopter

The flight experience is stable, though not agile. This is a heavy quadcopter with quite a bit of power so it can handle reasonably strong winds without being blown far away or smashed to the ground by an unexpected breeze.

It is easy to fly and the controls are not difficult to get used too. Another cool feature is a button which causes the quadcopter to do a 360-degree flip in the air so you’ve got a stunt right in the bag without needing endless practice.The yaw is slow. So if you are not inclined to use headless mode, the agility problem will pop up again. There are also a lot of lights on this quadcopter. So you should be able to fly by night.

Special Feature at a Glance

  • Great camera which can record at 1080p resolution which translates to 8 Megapixels of good video quality
  • A reasonably solid landing gear and blade protectors will keep the average beginner and even more experienced pilots safe during crashes
  • The newest 6 axis flight control system for a direction stabilized flight


  • I didn’t mention this before but the quadcopter feels very sturdily constructed
  • It is easy to fly and handle and is great for someone starting out as well
  • The stability of the flight means the video recorder is a great quality
  • The camera is a definite pro, a great deal of the money


  • The charger is not fantastic but you can use a USB cable as a workaround to that
  • The agility of the quadcopter is a drawback. Would have been nice if it was more responsive
  • The lights on the quadcopter are not that bright so you can’t really see them during the day
  • Camera can’t be used apart from the quadcopter

FAQ’S of Syma X8G RC Quadcopter

I’d actually like to start this review off with a quick FAQ to explain some of the terms that help to understand the gear you are working with.

  • What does Headless mode mean?

    This is a very nifty and quite recent addition to the cheaper quadcopter market. Normally, the quadcopter has a front face. When you push forward on the right analog on the controller, the quadcopter does not go in the way you are facing, but rather in the direction the front face is facing. So perhaps away from you, to your right, left or straight away from you. Basically any direction but always in the direction of the front face. When you enable headless mode, suddenly that all changes. Now, the quadcopter will move away from you when you press forward on the right analog no matter which side the front face is facing.

  • What does yaw mean?

    This refers to when the helicopter is spinning around in a circle without moving from side to side. So basically when you spin a plate in place, it is yawing.

  • Do you need to be registered with the FAA to fly this quadcopter?

    Yes, you do. It weighs over 600 grams so you need registration. This can easily be done at

Final Verdict

This is a really good deal and I don’t think you’ll go wrong if you buy this Syma X8G RC Quadcopter. It’s a lot of fun. Though it is very obviously not a top of the range Quadcopter, it’s a very solid choice and you should be very happy to buy. Best of luck and may good winds guide your rotors!

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