How to take care for your Quadcopter Properly

Care Tips for your Drone

Come on! It really doesn’t ring a bell whether you have just bought your first drone or have been flying them for months. You are risking your drone or quadcopter to a short lifetime. Some novice destroys their quadcopters the very first time they have it in the air. Sounds like a nightmare, right? Like … Read more

Top 10 Outdoor Rrecreational Activities

outdoor recreational activities

Sitting back in your recliner and watching things on the TV or passing lazy time on the internet is not what keeps you healthy. In fact, according to medical researchers, people who spend two-thirds of their time on their computers are likely to suffer from a range of physical and mental discomforts. And you know … Read more

How to make a quadcopter at home Step by Step

In the multi-rotor family, one of the most popular craft is Quadcopter. Every flyer thinks about a DIY Quadcopter sooner or later. But it is a little more challenging and expensive to build a quadcopter at home. Observing your self-made machine to move up, down and also sideways will be a great experience. If this … Read more