DBPOWER FPV Drone Review

If you are a professional photographer and has already got over your fantasy for the DSLR cameras and want something enthralling and exciting, then you must check out the all-new DBPOWER FPV RC Drone with HD 720P Wi-Fi Camera. It is basically a quadcopter WiFi-enabled camera which is compatible with your Android and IOS. No doubt, clicking pictures with this camera will be an everlasting experience as the HD camera clicks the pictures in such a way as if they are not still pictures but have a life of their own. The 3D picture quality of the camera gives you the same feeling you have when you put on your 3D glasses to catch a movie.

Features of DBPOWER FPV Drone with HD 720P Wi-Fi Camera

Let’s take a look at some of the functions of the DBPOWER FPV RC Drone with HD 720P Wi-Fi Camera

Dbpower Headless mode

A Headless Drone

When you will first see the drone, the first feature to catch your attention is the headless mode. Without an optical head, the drone can fly easily.

Basically, you won’t have to adjust the position of the quadcopter when it takes off and any change in direction is adjusted by a microchip installed in the drone’s micro-controller. That means even if there is a sudden 90-degree change in the direction, the drone will still fly forward when you push the gearstick.

Throttle Altitude Limiter

The altitude limiter settings of the camera enable you to limit the throttle altitude. That means you have the full liberty to control in which altitude shall the drone fly so that it doesn’t go out of your sight or fly away from you. By engaging the left stick by forward pushing or disengaging by pulling the left stick back, you can adjust the altitude of the quadcopter. This is unimaginable because who would have thought that with a single stick, they can control a drone?

Other Controls

Basically, there are three other ways to control this quadcopter. The first one is Roll which is done by pushing the right stick to the left or right; by this, you can maneuver in which direction the drone shall travel. By Pitch, you can control the drone’s forward and backward movement. By the Yaw control, you rotate the quadcopter to the left and right and adjust the change in the direction of the flying. Apart from that, the Throttle enables you to control the altitude of the camera.


The drone has a built-in 1-megapixel camera with a crystal clear 720-pixel video with an online streaming facility. You can upload live video to YouTube by using the WiFi hotspot and enjoy your video being telecasted live while you are capturing moving pictures. The drone camera comes equipped with a GoPro Hero camera mount which you can easily carry along with you and capture images during flights.

Low Power Alarm

When the battery is low, the remote will beep to remind you to fly back the drone to avoid lost. It’s a great feature.

Special Features of DBPOWER Drone U818a – At a Glance

  • The camera has a remote control range of 100 meters and can be radio controlled and WiFi controlled.
  • It can rotate 360b degree.
  • It contains a 7.4V 1200mAh rechargeable lithium battery and a battery charger. The net charging time is 150 minutes.
  • Contains 4 channels and can move in almost any direction you want.
  • Online video streaming enabled with WiFi
  • Contains a 3D Split Screen Display.


  • It can travel in any direction you want without any obstruction.
  • Extremely durable and is not likely to crash.
  • You can record an SD video and can be visible on your IOS or Android phones too through FPV
  • The battery life is strong and will give you extra ten minutes to capture the moment.


  • A bit more bulky than normal and this makes it tough to carry.
  • The FPV to your phone cuts once you take the drone far away from your mobile. Equally tough is to reconnect again.
  • If you don’t update the app time and again, the camera function may get crashed and that is very unhealthy.


What is the dimension of the product?

The size of the product is 13.2×13.2×7.3 inches which are the normal size of any drone.

What is the megapixel of the camera on the drone?

The camera is of 720 pixels with superb HD quality which can bring any pictures to life.

Is it compatible with my Android phone?

It can work well with both the IOS and Android operating system. You have to download the app MJX FPV and then connect it to the drone for live streaming.

Final Verdict

If you want to make a great purchase with a camera, then go for DBPOWER U818A Drone with 720P HD Camera. It is versatile and with a solid feature, it is surely going to be the highest selling quadcopter very soon. With this drone in your hand, you can see all the things which you can’t see in action when the drone is flying and clicking pictures. It is completely durable which makes it worth buying. You surely wouldn’t want to miss out the HD features and instant live streaming of the videos you capture and earn adulations. If these are on your mind, you must go for it.

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