Top 5 Best micro quadcopter review 2018

Unless you are planning to join the army, it may be difficult to get your hands on a military drone soon. As such, developers have invented smaller drones known by names like mini-quads, micro-quadcopters, multi-rotor crafts and others. The best micro quadcopter is the new craze in town for a good reason; they are easy to fly, cheap, offer tons of fun and can capture clear video footage. Quadcopters have become useful tools in fields like aerial photography, surveying, engineering, and mapping.

Micro quadcopters are mainly flown indoors and only for short distances. They are ideal for beginners and new pilots during training due to their low price and agility. However, they come with limited capabilities and size thus may not have sophisticated features like a Go-pro camera installed. In our discussion, we will discuss the most important features to look for when buying the best micro quadcopter as well as a brief overview of the micro quadcopter in the market.

Features to look before Buying the Best mini Drone

When you are looking for a quality micro Quadcopter, there are several things you need to concentrate. As earlier highlighted, micro quadcopters may not exhibit as many sophisticated features as the DJI Phantom (latest model) or the Parrot AR Drone, but they offer tons of fun to casual aerial flyers. These few elements will guide users when shopping for the best micro quadcopter :

The price

Most folks look at the price when buying the device. Unless you’re a beginner, users shouldn’t rush into buying the cheapest model they find on the internet. It’s a sense that, comparatively Cheap models help users get acquainted with the basics of flying a micro quad but when they have gained valuable experience they can invest in advanced models. Entry-level micro-quads may cost as low as $10, but they don’t have cameras installed. At higher prices say $100 users should expect a device with longer flight times and equip with a live video feature streaming via a smartphone app.

Flight time and performance

Flight time: Most micro-quadcopters’ flight time ranges between 5-10 minutes with a control distance of thirty to sixty meters. While some manufacturers may claim a longer flight time, it is advisable to verify such info through customers’ online reviews.Performance: Additionally, users should pick a micro quad that provides a stable flight and different flight modes. Manufacturers indicate such details in the product description i.e. it shows the product’s turn cycles, flips, rolls, somersaults among other performance features. On that note pick a gadget that has an adjustable sensitivity (has a six-axis gyro-controlled system installed); anything less requires trainers to fly.

Battery life

Battery life is another important aspect to consider when buying a micro quadcopter for you or your child. Concerning the battery life, users should factor in:

  • The charging time i.e. how long it takes to charge the battery once it is depleted. Great deals of models take two to three hours.
  • Availability of replacement batteries: Each quadcopter should have replacement batteries in case those in use get damaged or no longer holding the charge. If the micro quadcopter doesn’t have replacement batteries, users should consider buying another model.
  • Users should consider how long the copter flies before grounding to recharge. Some helicopters take 6 minutes while others take 12 minutes. The longer the time, the longer the flight; however users should not compromise on other features just because the model has a long battery life.

Spare parts

Micro quads are pretty lightweight and durable thus may not get severely damaged in case of a crash. Regardless, users should look for gadgets that come with spare parts making it easy to replace and continue enjoying their flying experience. Examples :

  • Micro quads like Hubsan X4 107D come with a crash pack that includes several propellers, a battery, and motors.
  • Quadcopters like Estes Proto-X Nano don’t have spare parts; if it gets damaged you have to replace it with a new one. Note that while, cheap quadcopters may be enticing they may be lack quality brushless motors (if installed they come with a limited lifespan). However, if you can purchase spares, you will need the skills to rid off the burned out motor and solder the spare part.

Height and speed

The feature is more of a personal decision. Users purchasing drones to shoot a live baseball game, for example, may require a drone that can reach a height of 300 feet. However, if just flying for fun, a drone with a height of 100 feet will suffice. Most drones have a speed of 10-miles an hour. Depending on a user’s needs he may buy the micro quadcopter with the highest speed. For example, parents may prefer a micro quad with a high speed to help monitor their kids during a soccer game.

Materials and design

Design: The design (i.e. the shape, frame, and blades) of the micro quadcopter is an equally important feature during purchase. Manufacturers aim at producing attractive models, but the mini drones may not be as appealing.

Material: Also, buyers should pay attention to the gadget’s frame material; metal frames are more resistant to shock while plastic ones are more prone to damage. Beginners are advised to purchase metal-framed micro quadcopters.

Extra features (add-ons)

Micro quads are lightweight hence may not accommodate additional features. However, with advanced technological advancement developers have managed to create a few lightweight add-ons like camera capabilities, bubble guns, and grappling hooks. All such add-ons make the users’ flying experience more enjoyable; thus the need to look for such features when purchasing a micro quadcopter. Examples:

  • The Hubsan X4 107D comes fitted with an HD 720P camera
  • The WLToys V959 has with fun gadgets like a water gun mounted.

Top 5 Recommended Micro Quadcopter Reviews

  • The TEC BEAN (Mini Pocket Drone)

Just like its name the TEC BEAN Mini Pocket Drone with 4CH 6 Axis Gyro, RC Quadcopter is a pocket-sized drone that resembles a fancy angel dancing and hovering on one’s palm. Its developers have designed it with the aim of producing a lightweight, compact drone presented by the 7×2.7×7cm dimension. The gadget comes packed in a box that contains the small, cute drone, protective blades at the bottom, spare parts and chargers as well as a user’s manual. Some of the outstanding features of this gadget include:

A 360-degree spin: apart from the basic ultra-stable flying abilities, the device comes equipped with an exceptional 360-degree rollover performance making the flying experience more enjoyable.

Six-axis Gyro system that provides stability during outdoor and indoor flight.Two charging system: unlike other drone toys the TEC BEAN Mini Pocket Drone 4CH 6 Axis Gyro RC Micro Quadcopter allows users to charge the drone via a cable located at the back of the transmitter or a USB cable connected to the PC or power bank.2.4G frequency transmitter creates a high signal strength compared to other drones.The headless mode: there’s no need to fine-tune the position of the drone before launching. The one-key return feature allows users to bring the drone back by the simple push of a button.

Double control modes: users can switch the throttle stick left and right depending on their operation.Additional features3D flip and roll, LED light

  • The Funnyway All in 1 (Mini Pocket wifi Drone)

The Funny way All in 1 (Mini Pocket wifi, Drone) with 2PCS Rechargeable Battery, Dock Micro Quadcopter, and HD camera, is an incredible option for beginners as it’s lightweight and allows users to learn different flying movements of drones. The package contains the pocket-sized drone, four additional propellers, an instruction manual and a USB charger (used by mini-drones only). And apart from the average 2×3.7 volt rechargeable battery located at the base, the package comes with a spare battery. It also has an HD camera (users have to mount it on the quadcopter) for taking crystal clear videos and pictures that users can stream live on their smartphones via an app.

  • Low and high speeds: users can fly it at low and high speeds.
  • The headless mode: just like the previous product the Funny way All in 1 (Mini Pocket wifi Drone) with 2PCS Rechargeable Battery, Dock Micro Quadcopter, and HD camera has a headless mode feature hence users don’t need to adjust the position of the mini-copter before flying.
  • LED lights: fitted with five small LED lights that light brilliantly at night.
  • All in 1 Portable Mini Quadcopter i.e. the package comes with a rechargeable drone and rechargeable controller, USB charger compatible with a PC, Power Bank, Wall Charger and a car charger (all portable).
  • Built-in 6 axis Gyro system (2.4 GHz) that ensures stability during flight and a strong signal.
  • Two pcs batteries: that allows users to charge the transmitter using the power bank as the battery charges the drone while flying the gadget.
  • Metakoo Bee Pro Mini Drone with built-in Camera

Metakoo Bee Pro Mini Drone with built-in Camera Wifi Remote -Control RC Micro Quadcopter is known for its speed and agility. The package comes with a Metakoo Spirit Mini Quadcopter, a built-in HD camera, eight extra propellers, a USB charging cable and an instruction manual. The mini-drone has an FPV feature that allows users to view live video footage from their phones while controlling it with onscreen commands. Users attest to the mini pocket drone producing clearer FPV feeds than larger quadcopters. This one of the best micro quadcopter from the competitive mini-drone market. The Flying time is approx. 5-6 minutes, that is enough for this type of mini quadcopter.

  • Headless mode, 3D flip, LED light, hand throw, and one key return functions.Three-speed modes: unlike previous versions that exhibited 2-speed modes the Maxbo 4CH 6 Axis Gyro ( a Mini Pocket Drone App) Wifi Remote Control RC Micro Quadcopter and 0.3MP HD Camera has high, low and medium speed modes. As such, users can easily choose the ideal speed to maneuver small and larger spaces or areas.
  • Fitted with six-axis gyro system that ensures a steady flight. The 2.4 GHz feature in the transmitter control supports the WiFi app control providing an exciting playing experience.
  • The Real-time FPV: the feature allows the drone to record pictures and videos in real-time using the 0.3MP HD camera. Users can save the videos and photos directly on their phone without the need for additional memory space.
  • Vibrant LED light: the brilliant LED light makes it enjoyable to fly at night.

Safety Tips

Users should allow a ten-minute break in between flights to allow the drone to cool down. The circuit board and the motors may heat up if used for extended periods without breaks.

Fine-tune the throttle slowly to avoid damage.

  • Skytoy Micro Drone 3DFlip 2.4 Ghz Mini Quadcopter

Skytoy Micro Drone 3DFlip 2.4 Ghz Mini Quadcopter for Beginner, Black beginner’s flying experience fun and easy. The package contains the six-axis drone, a USB charging cable, four replacement propellers (all black), a transmitter, a battery (requires 2 AAA) and user manual. With a flight time of 5-7 minutes, the drone can fly in any direction with super fun flips. It’s just the ideal gift for friends and relatives. The protective frame of this micro quadcopter makes the device more durable.

  • Multi-flying abilities: the device comes equipped with a 360 degree 3D flip can roll left, right, forward and backward. The 2.4 GHz 4 channeled six-axis flight control system ensures stability during flight.
  • RTF Mode: The model has a RTF flying mode and a flying range of 30-50 meter.
  • Also has different-speed modes. The Fast and Trick mode meaning users can fly it in High, and slow speeds are for beginners.
  • HUBSAN H107L X4 Quadcopter

Hubsan X4 (H107L) 4 Channel 2.4GHz RC Quadcopter, Black doesn’t need setting up; it comes ready to fly. It is equipped with a four-channel LCD and a 2.4 GHz transmitter that offers expert and average flight nodes. That gadget has exceptional performance both indoors and outdoors. However, only experts can fly the drone (a recommended age of 14-15 years). The box comes with a protective fuselage to avoid damaging the functional electronics. The package contains the Husban Quadcopter, a USB charging cable, a 3.7V 240mAh Li-Po Battery and a transmitter.

  • Has six axis flight control system that ensures stability during flight.
  • A frequency of 2.4GHz 4 Channel.
  • Flips in four ways – left and right, forward and backward.

Final Verdict

Clearly, as technological practices progress, so do hobbies. Our discussion offers a comprehensive guide on the best micro quadcopter both for hobbyists and professionals. It’s up to the user to choose depending on his need, taste, and preferences. Be sure to shop around as prices vary widely.

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