Best Quadcopter Under 100

Best quadcopter under 100

Drones are becoming a trend among many people and the trend is becoming even more positive day by day. If you are new to drones, you might not want to spend a ton of money at the very beginning of your journey because these are definitely expensive. You should go for a best quadcopter for the beginners and obviously it should be a budget quadcopter like under 100 USD. You may not get the real experience of quadcopter photography or quadcopter racing with such types of drones. But, the good news is that there are some versions of drones which are not expensive and which you can easily go for if you are just starting.

This article is all about that as it covers the drones under 100 that you can go for right now. Some of the best quadcopter under 100 USD are probably a good option to go for as a beginner because you do not want to spend a ton of money on a project that you are just starting.

Choose the best drones under 100 USD

Lets take a look at top 5 best quadcopter under $100 USD

AKASO K88 Drone

Akaso k88

The first in our list is the very famous Akaso K88 which is a 6 axis gyro quadcopter. You want to start with something that is light and simple to use and that is why Akaso is a great fit for your needs. It comes with interesting and fun bonus such as extra micro sd card and what not. The headless mode makes sure that you can go all around without hassle and the 360-degree rolling is great fun for anybody. The built-in HD camera will help you in recording great videos and still photos at the same time. There are LED lights inside the drone to make it more fun.

Blade Nano QX RTF Quadcopter

Blade Nano QX RTF Quadcopter

The second in our list is the Blade Nano which is a RTF quadcopter. If you want to buy a quadcopter for someone who you are not sure about that whether he or she should have it then this is the best option. Therefore, this is the best option for a kid or an under aged person who you are not confident about. There are lots of regulations these days that one needs to be sure about while flying drones and thus, this is important. Why are we saying this is good for newbie? Because this is possibly the safest drone that one can go for. The drone has a safe technology that comes with the stability and agility that everyone will be satisfied about.

Syma X5SW 4CH Drone

Syma X5SW Quadcopter

The third in our list is the famous Syma X5SW which is a premium gift product within the range of drones under 100. Syma is a famous name when it comes to drones under 100 and most importantly, drones for gifts and for beginners. The Syma X5SW is another example of that as it has everything that a beginner needs to fly high in the sky. There are five different colors in the market right now which helps in deciding which one you want to go for. The 360 degree fun flight along with .3MPcamera enhances the beauty of it and lastly, the gyro and real time transmission will keep you engaged with the drone.

Syma X8C Venture

Syma X8C Venture

The next in our list of the drones under 100 is the Syma X8C Venture which is another Syma production. The drone comes with a 2 mega pixel camera along with 2.4 GHz processor. The color of this drone is black. There are certain features that will definitely enhance the excitement of yours such as the IOC system which is the intelligent orientation control system. This drone also has a headless mode which is great for a quadcopter of this caliber because the head mode makes things difficult at times. When you have a head mode in your drone, it is tough to maneuver the drone here and there but with the headless option, the controlling becomes a lot easier which is great if you are new.

Haktoys Hak907C

Haktoys Hak907C

This is one of the best quadcopter under 100 USD in our list. It's the Haktoys907C from the company Haktoy. The model number is Hak907C and it is a 6 axis gyroscope for the beginners. If you are new and are looking for a fun quadcopter to start, this is the perfect solution for you as it has everything that can keep you happy and satisfied. The 90 minute charge time along with 10 minutes fly time and the range of 300 feet up to the sky will make you happy. There are different channels for you so that you do not clash with others when it comes to transmission. The camera kit is included and the spare parts are widely available too.

Final Verdict

Drones under 100 Dollars are not tough to find. There are definitely various options for you to go for but you have to make sure that you are picking the right option. A wrong purchase of a quadcopter can damage the whole experience for you which nobody wants. Therefore, make sure that you are purchasing it right. Also, you need to read lots of quadcopter reviews if you want to get the other user's experience.

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