Best QuadCopter For Beginners

Good news for the Quadcopter fans!! Various top-notch companies are producing quadcopters for beginners now. Yeah! You heard it correct, those who fancy flying a quadcopter but an amateur to this hobby may try the specially made best quadcopter for beginners and it’s helpful to learn the quadcopter driving.

Best QuadCopter For Beginners

These gadgets come in different categories of sizes & features and it becomes a daunting task for a beginner to choose the right one. We know how it feels & so we have pointed out some guidelines regarding the purchase that might help in big time.

Find out the starter guide for best quadcopters

# Beginners make the common mistakes of buying a quadcopter which is not ready to fly yet. So knowing the differences between RTF, ARF & BNF is pretty essential here.

As A Beginner What You Should Know Before Buying Quadcopter's

What is these RTF, ARF & BNF acronyms stand for?

RTF (Ready to Fly)

No extra set up require for the RTF rated drones. Only check the battery condition & install the propellers, after that you are good to go.

ARF (Almost ready to Fly)

They usually don’t come with a transmitter & some sort of assembling work is required for these types. So, check the guidelines that indicate what you’ll get & how much installation job is needed before you buy.

BNF (Bind And Fly)

You can get them fully assembled. The only thing you would require will be a compatible transmitter. But careful, the frequency of the receiver & transmitter has to be same.

Tips For Buying A Beginner Quadcopter

Buying a Quadcopter? As a beginner you should consider some tips below before purchasing one:


Buy an RTF Quadcopter.


As a beginner, you will crash at any time. So, if available, buy some extra props and other spares so that you can quickly swap out the damaged parts.


We also recommend you to buy prop protector if it is not included in the set. Flying your Quad-copter with prop protectors for the first few times will help to reduce the necessity to replace the propellers.


Make sure you have bought some extra batteries. Depending on the capacity of the battery and the charger being used, batteries can take even an hour to be charged. Extra batteries will assure that you don’t have to wait for long to charge the same battery.


Start with simplicity. Buy something of a reasonable price. To learn the basics consider the Hubsan X4 first if you are going for something above $20-30 micro quad-copter. Save money for repairing if there is any damage caused by crashing instead of an expensive drone. It will far outweigh the cost of the X4.

Tips For Flying A Beginner Quadcopter

Before you fly quad-copter beginners must know and follow some tips:


Make sure you have properly read your local drone or Unnamed Aerial Vehicle (UAV) laws. Typically, the flight is restricted to the line-of-sight and below 400 feet. You must be able to see your drone.


Never fly near an airfield, airport or over roads, people and buildings.


Before you power your drone, must check if your transmitter is powered on.


Check your drone battery is fully charged.


Check whether the prop protectors, camera, and other apparatus are attached to your drone securely to avoid any damage.


If you are using prop protector, remove them from the device once you are confident of flying. Extra weight will reduce your flight time.

Awareness about the beginners Quadcopter

# The next best thing you can do is to read the reviews of the best quadcopter for beginners also you can find out some social media discussion. Of course, no one wants to buy a product without reading the reviews first. Why should you?? To get a detailed idea about the product reviews, you can visit our review section pages. Select the models you want to know more about & you can also view purchased customers reviews.

# participating an online forum is helpful in every ways. Be a part of the forum just by signing up & get the chance to confront many activists & professional quadcopter hobbyists. They would help you knowing all about the quadcopters & might just give you the solution to your queries. You can check out these online forums- Forum-1 Forum-2

# Being a beginner you should set up your mind to be prepared for investing a lot of time & money. So make some time for research as you are going to need a lot of them when it comes to adopting this hobby. And, like any other pursuit don’t hesitate to splash the cash.

# Focus on buying a good transmitter if you are that serious about taking it as a hobby. Being a serious activist you need to use it for several years & an upgraded transmitter may save you from unwanted technical problems and it is obvious that good products will survive more.

# Training yourself with a stimulator before buying looking forward to the best quadcopter for beginners is a good practice. Purchasing a stimulator will definitely be a great investment. Try to put it under consideration along with others in your list.

Must Have Features Of A Beginner Quadcopter:

  • Built-in camera
  • Remote control
  • Outdoor capabilities
  • Flight time
  • Battery life

Features You Don’t Need In Your Beginner Quadcopter:

  • Very Long distance
  • GPS
  • Smart phone usage
  • First person view
  • Camera resolution

Take a Look at this Infographic at a Glance

 best quadcopter for beginner guide

Some Recommendations For The Beginners To Buy a Quadcopter

We can recommend you some names of quad-copters so that you can choose your perfect one.

URGE Basics 6 Axis Quadcopter 2 Speed 2.4G Drone

URGE Basics 6 Axis Quadcopter

>>Check out the price from Amazon<<

Take flight with Headless Mode, radio control drone helicopter with the built-in camera from URGE Basics. New drone lovers will like it and have much fun. This one is very easy to use and fun to fly with multi-directional control, very good for both indoor and outdoor fly. High quality and sturdy body won’t be damaged easily from crashes.

It flies well and looks good! The more advanced drone comes with protective guardrails to prevent any damage to the blades when crash. Perfect for beginners and drone enthusiasts.


2.4GHz remote

6 Axis Gyro ensures precision and stability in flight

Flight Distance of 100ft

Performs 360-degree flips

Built-in LEDs illuminates the QuadCam

Built-in Camera for photo shooting and video recording

  • Attractive outlook
  • Easy to fly
  • Easily flies forward, backward, ascending or descending directions
  • Good flight distance
  • All necessary items such as Remote, extra battery, USB charging cable, extra 4 blades, protective guards and manual are included in the box
  • It takes time to learn to fly properly
  • Charge stays for a short time
  • Lack of information in the manual

UDI 818A HD Drone Quadcopter

UDI 818A HD Drone

>>Check out the price from Amazon<<

UDI RC is an industrial company brought fascinating drone quadcopters. Model 818A HD is suggested for the beginners and perfect for indoor as well as outdoor flight. One of the best starter quad-copters! Perfectly entertains its pilots and gives them the fun of taking aerial pictures and recording videos.

It comes with 720p HD camera headless mode and returns to home function includes extra batteries in it. Exclusive White color is eye catching and attractive, perfect for photo-shoot and taking video. This drone is ready to fly that meets the first requirement to be a beginner friendly drone.


Full 720p HD Video recording system

Camera with high resolution (1280 x 720 resolution)

Headless mode and Return Home Function

2 batteries (3.7v 500 mAh) are included

  • Comes with attractive appearance
  • Lightweight
  • One key Return Home Function saves the aircraft from being lost when out of sight
  • Extra batteries are included for continual flight
  • Pictures and recorded videos are of high quality
  • SD card is included for saving the photos and video clips
  • User manual is included to give instruction
  • The video camera is only for recreational use, not for professional use
  • Manual may be a bit difficult to understand
  • Calibration is found a little complicated and takes time and patience

Best Quadcopter Drones for Sale with HD Camera LED Lights Green Drone BONUS BATTERY

QCopter QC1 Quadcopter Drones

>>Check out the price from Amazon<<

QC1 drone quadcopter with HD camera and led lights including bonus battery that assures 2x flight time. It is an impressive flying product from QCopter. Large capacity of batteries gives you 15 minutes flight time and included bonus batteries extend it up to 30 minutes!! More flight means more FUN, isn’t it?

LED lights will light up the drone at night to make attractively visible in the dark sky. Beginner or experienced all quadcopter pilots will get much fun with this feature. Flight stability provides better control over the drone and makes it easy to the beginners.


2mp HD photo and video camera for aerial photo shooting and video recording

LED lights to illuminate the aircraft at night

Quad features RTF and 360-degree flips for multiple flights

6 Axis Gyro ensures stability and precision in flights

​RTF type

  • Striking appearance
  • Can fly in multi-direction
  • Extended flight time with extra batteries gives you have fun for longer
  • Enchanting lightening with the LED lights that all of your friends and family will love
  • Birds eye photos and video can be captured by UAV camera
  • Ready to Fly (RTF) type drone are super suitable for the beginners
  • Remote, extra batteries etc. are included in the packet
  • Product material is not much heavy
  • In a very few review, disturbance in its multi-directional flying properties is reported

GPTOYS Black Aviax 2.4GHz 6-Axis GYRO RC Quadcopter

GPTOYS Black Aviax GYRO RC Quadcopter Drone

>>Check out the price from Amazon<<

GYRO RC quadcopter comes with Headless Mode, a single button click triggers 360° flip action. Other features include One Key Return, LED Lights, DIY, ABS Materials, Luxury Gift Box etc. very nice product from GPTOYS.It gives a new quad pilot surprisingly fun with almost 800 pictures and video time of 30 minutes with HD camera!! Easily a beginner can fly it in front-back, left-right and upward-downward directions due to its 360-degree feature.


Black color

3.7V 650mAh Li-poly Battery

LED lights enhance its look

About 100 meters controlling distance

Remote control system

​8 blades are included with the set

​2.4 technology is adopted for anti-interference

  • Looks good
  • A lot of pictures can be captured and longtime video can be reco
  • 4GB memory card is included for saving the captured photos and recorded videos
  • Batteries are rechargeable
  • Once batteries are charged, let you fly the quadcopter for about 8-12 minutes
  • Remote, extra blades, SD card etc. additional items are included
  • Aircraft gets tired after 5-10 minutes
  • Wiring is found complicated

RC Stunt Drone Quadcopter

RC Stunt Drone Quadcopter

>>Check out the price from Amazon<<

RC Stunt Drone Quadcopter is designed for all users and easy for beginners. Wonder Chopper made this drone with crash-proof technology that a beginner can easily use and practice to fly. It is recommended for all beginners and intermediates of age 10 & above.


360 degree flip

Flight distance about 50 feet

Adjustable speed mode function

Li-polymer 3.7V 300mAh

LED lights

  • Attractive outlook
  • Two rechargeable batteries allow you to have flying time for 12 minutes
  • Comes with practice handling pad that meets one of the requirements for beginners
  • Quicker and improved control consume less battery
  • Quadcopter batteries, remote controller, USB charger, replacement blades etc. are included with it
  • Remote control needs six AA batteries that are not included
  • Crashing can damage product
  • Uncoordinated movement occurs in very rare case

Final Words

That’s all we have now. I hope the article will be helpful guiding you the proper way in every sense. I wish well & luck to all the beginners who are reading this article right this moment. For more information, you can check our buying guide of best quadcopter for beginners from here. I want to end it with my favorite words, “it’s time to rule the sky, it is time to fly”.

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